Have A Question? I’ll Answer It!

Is there a burning soccer question on your mind that MUST be answered?  Can’t get through to your local call-in show or favorite podcast?  You can drop me a line at seanonsoccer@gmail.com.  If you’re a technology-savvy type, tweet me @SeanOnSoccer.

Be sure to include your first name (full name preferred), where you’re from and what club you support.  If you have a Twitter handle, let me know and I’ll include it so other fans of this blog can interact with you!

I may answer your questions with a follow-up article it as long as it isn’t something like:

– What do you think of Victoria Beckham’s newest outfit? (I couldn’t give a damn!)

– How long does Fernando Torres take in the shower? (I’ve actually heard the answer and it will shock you.)

– Why does Wayne Rooney’s head look like a potato? (Gotta be his ‘Irish roots.’)

I’m looking for something more along the lines of:

– How will Real Madrid fare under new boss Carlo Ancelotti?

– Is Klinsmann’s Americans for real?

– Who is the most underrated right back in the Premier League?

What underdog club has the best chance of winning the Champions League?

Basically the only thing ask is to keep your questions intelligent and within reason…

Have your own take? Let yourself be heard below...

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